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2.10 Conductor

Tula is not phased in the slightest that Guy grew up with her. It makes total sense that her bestest friend is a kid too! 

"So, when you grow up, what do you think you're going to do?" Guy asks excitedly. Now that he can walk-and talk- the possibilities seem endless. 

Tula's not really sure, but an orchestra conductor could be cool- all those people, doing what she says... hmmm. 

She suddenly stops talking as her grandparents' door opens. 

"...Tula? Tula? Tuuuuulaaa?" Guy is ignored. 

Marko shuffles past, saying hello to Tula, then goes out the front door. Tula has no idea what he could need to do outside at this time of night. 

"Tula, what the heck? Heeeellloooo?" Guy waves his hand in front of her face. Tula slaps it away. 

"Quit it! I don't think they can see you," she hisses. Otherwise her grandfather would have said hello to both of them. 

Guy scowls, and Tula glowers back, "And if you keep on annoying me, I will hit you so hard that your stuffing will come out." 

They lapse back into silence when Krista comes out of the bathroom. 

"Hi mom," Tula says, shooting a warning look at Guy when he opens his mouth to talk. 

"Hmm? Oh hi sweetie," Krista mumbles absently. She was watering Persis' spotlight mushrooms for her, seeing as she's asleep and forgot, and is going outside to check if any of the plants are thawed enough to be tended to. 

After Krista shuts the front door, Guy bursts into giggles. 

"I didn't think I could be quiet the entire time," he says in between laughs, "I was about to explode!"

Tula quickly follows suit, laughing heartily, "Yeah, I thought I'd crack any second," she lies. Keeping calm doesn't really seem too hard, but it seems better to just go along with Guy. 

"Hey, I have a idea," she says suddenly, "I just need a glass of water..." 


Plumbbob, is he ever going to be quiet? Tula thinks acidly, I wonder if gluing his lips together would work... 

She takes a big bite out of her hotdog, "Wow this is really good grandma!" she accompanies the statement with a big smile. Persis glances at her granddaughter, and smiles a little in return. 

Pffft, adults are so easy to read, Tula thinks triumphantly to herself. Just a cute smile seems to go a long way. 

"Hey, Tula! Hey, are you ignoring me!? 'Oh look at me with my food and my tastebuds ooooh I'm so great!'

Kids, on the other hand, aren't as easy to sway... 

Tula primly places her hotdog on her plate, and fights to keep from jumping from the table and telling Guy to just shut up. 

"...right Tula?" 

Tula's eyes snap up to her grandfather's. Stupid fudging Guy, distracting me. "Sorry grandpa, what was that?" 

"You're excited for school, right Tula?" Marko repeats himself. 

"Oh yeah, I'm super excited!" she says truthfully. At least with other people around, I can just pretend Guy doesn't exist... 

Tula then twirls some her hair around her finger, deliberately lowering her gaze shyly, "But what if the other kids don't like me? Maybe I'll just stay home instead..." 

"'Maybe I'll just stay home instead'" Guy mimics behind her. Tulip digs her nails into the seat, but shows no other outward reaction. 

Persis looks up from her cereal, "School isn't that scary, Tula. I'm sure you'll make friends," she says reassuringly. 

Marko looks up from his book as well, "Your grandma's right. Just be nice and smile!" he grins widely in demonstration. 

Tula giggles on cue, "That's silly, grandpa." Besides, I already know that... 

She gets ready for school and is soon dashing out the door. 

"Hey, grandma, I think there's something wrong with your mushrooms... they're all kinda rotting. Maybe mom over-watered them last night?" Or maybe it was the extra cup of water Tula splashed on them, she can't be expected to know, right? 

Persis looks at the spotlight mushrooms. "No, those are just weeds. Easily fixed," she reassures Tula. Seeing the disturbed look on her granddaughter's face, she adds, "Your mom's not in any trouble, don't worry about it." 

"Oh, ok..." she says dejectedly. Man, I thought that would work... no one in this house is ever mad at each other. She thought it would be interesting to see. Oh well. 

After an intense and interesting first day of school comes the homework. Tula finds the work easy and wonders if she should really bother with any of this at all. 

Does it really matter if I write in what 10/2 is? she thinks as she lazily scribbles in a 5, Or that I show my work? Ugh. 

She can't escape her assignments with her mother hovering over her, though... 

"I'm done!" she announces, a smirk on her face. 

Krista looks up in surprise, "But you only started 10 minutes ago!" 

10 minutes too long if you ask me, Tula inwardly sneers. But it is true, she sped through her math worksheet, not troubling herself with writing out every. single. step. of her workings. It's not like the teacher doesn't know how to do it mentally. And it's easy to focus when Guy isn't lurking around, buzzing by her ear like an annoying mosquito. And all it took was asking him to gather some 'nila berries', she thinks with a smirk. He's been in the backyard for hours, looking for that imaginary fruit. 

"It wasn't too hard," Tula replies nonchalantly, putting her homework away. 

"Mhmm," Krista mumbles. 

"Mom, can I have pumpkin pie? I'm hungry," Tula asks. She has found that as a child one must ask permission for things. A hindrance, but a necessary one to be normal. 

"You need to eat your dinner, Tula, not dessert. There's hotdogs and Goopy Carbonara in the fridge." 

"If you get to eat meat, then I should get to eat dessert," Tula pouts, "What kind of a vegetarian are you, anyways?" 

Krista looks guiltily at her hotdog. Sticking to veggies is hard, especially when you have an inventing project to complete in a few days "or else" and don't have time to make something meat free. 

"Don't talk to me that way," Krista admonishes. The guilt in her tone throws off the delivery. She looks at her watch; if she wants to finish off 5 hollowed out cow toys by tomorrow afternoon, she needs to get started soon. 

Tula sees her opportunity, "Just this once, mom, I promise. I won't tell anyone..." 

Not having time to argue, Krista brings Tula the pumpkin pie. 

"Don't tell your dad," she adds hastily. 

Tula smiles as she takes a big bite out of her pie. 

Krista hurries off to the inventing bench. Those toys aren't going to make themselves, unfortunately. 

With Guy still looking for those berries, Tula doesn't really have much to do. Seeing her father unoccupied, she approaches. 

"What is it, Tula?" Paolo asks. Not sensing any annoyance in his voice, Tula proceeds. 

"Do you think you could teach me how to play chess sometime?" she asks seriously, "I heard it makes people smarter, like you..." she looks at the floor, playing with her hair and avoiding eye contact. 

Paolo smiles at his daughter, "You're already smart, Tula." His brow furrows at her shyness. He remembers being her age and being isolated. Could it be that she feels lonely? 

She beams at him, "You think so?" 

"Of course! But if you really do want to learn, I would be happy to teach you." She probably needs some time to come out of her shell, Paolo concludes, at least I had Xara and Tulip at her age, she doesn't have any brothers or sisters to play with at home... 

"You sure you aren't too busy? I know that being a soldier takes a lot of your time... maybe I shouldn't have asked, I'm sorry." Her cheeks turn red, and Paolo feels a pang of regret; he and Krista are so busy working, Tula must feel neglected now that she's older. "I can just ask grandpa..." The pang becomes a full-blown wave; His parents spend more time with his daughter than he does! 

"I'm never too busy for you, Tula." 

She throws her arms around his waist, "You're the best dad ever!" She inwardly cringes at how she sounds, but Paolo still pats her head affectionately. 

"Thanks, Tula. And you're the best daughter ever." 

And don't you forget it. 



Ugh. I don't like this chapter. I shouldn't be saying it, but I really don't. I feel like I've written too many cliches here and was waaaay too heavy handed with what I wanted to express about Tula's character, but there it is. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


So I was nominated for a Liebster award (the rules of which are below); 


Say thank you to the person that has nominated you for the award.
Answer the 11 questions the person has asked
Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know)
Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions

Thank you urunwa, Nocriel, Efelkay, Owly, and MommyIce! Here are my nominations: 

Nocriel (Koyangis

Wagaturtle (Soapberries

Heatherfeather (Diffies; Anything is Possible

MommyIce (Hiding Out in Sunset Valley

NutsAndDolts (Goldbeard RLC

Urunwa's questions: 

1) Do you let how your sims act in game affect what happens in the story?

Yes, I do. Actually a lot of my story is based on in-game behaviour, especially for relations between characters.

2) What is the worst incident you've had happening in your current RLC?

I had a weird glitch with Persis (1st generation spouse) when she aged up to elder. She was fishing and didn't stop for her birthday, so when she stopped fishing the next sim day, she just disappeared and got replaced with a grey-haired adult aged vanilla. I didn't have a copy of her saved to the bin and really didn't want to have to re-make her in CAS, so I had to place a copy of her and Marko (1st generation founder) into town, save her to the bin, then replace grey-haired adult vanilla in CAS. I was afraid that replacing her that way might cause weird glitches or loss of relationships or skills in game, but it turned out fine.

A close second was Krista (2nd generation spouse) catching on fire while inventing. 

3) Best incident whilst playing RLC? 

Best as in "entertaining" was Tulip and Xara (2nd generation spares) going to the beach in generation 1 with Marko in the middle of the night only to get abandoned by him and faced with a zombie. Karma dictated that Marko autonomously be abducted by aliens as soon as he returned home without them. 

4) Favourite sim to play?

In my current RLC, playing Tulip was actually quite fun. I didn't show it, but she was quite active in the household when living there before the start of generation 2! She did chores, homework, reading, using the chemistry set, hanging out with Xara, talking to Persis and Paolo, working out, and playing chess with Marko. 

5) Staging pictures or writing the story- which do you like better?

Hmmm.... probably staging pictures, because it's a lot easier for me to edit (just change up camera angles, move some sims around, and take the picture again at the worst). 

6) Are you planning on yelling "get off my lawn" to kids when you get old?


7) Fringes/bangs in haircuts (for yourself)- yes or no?

Nope! They don't suit my face very well. 

8) What's your favourite piece of clothing?

Shoes! My shoes are what can make or break a comfortable journey and what can complete my outfits. 

9) Addicted to popping bubblewrap? 

Actually, no, since I don't come across bubble wrap too often. 

10) Coolest insect?

Praying mantis! Although they actually scare me a little given how strong they are for their size (and how predatory they are!)

11) Current haircolour?

Dark brown. 

Nocriel's Questions: 

1. Who's your favorite sim?

Of my current blog, Tulip. 

2. Do you stage a lot? How do you do it?

For some upcoming chapters I am... but normally I do not stage. When I do, I normally go into an alternate save and add the sims I want to my household and use pose player. For more mundane staging, I invite sims out and direct interactions. 

3. Is there a roll you'd really hate to play?

Yes. I really don't like Mixologist and if I'm playing a single female sim, I really dislike the showtime careers because maternity leave and its restrictions makes advancing very difficult. 

Also party to remember if I'm in my first generation because of all the stuff you have to buy to make a really good party. 

Oh and deadbeat parents, always. Perfect Children can be a bit of a pain, but I absolutely hate it when I roll more than 3 kids. 

4. How about a roll you'd love to play?

I really like playing gardeners, collectors, fishers, and alchemists. But in combinations with other rolls, most of the careers are fun for me to play. For the other categories, if I roll a lot of kids I really like half-siblings and second chance. 

5. What is your favorite Sims EP and why is it Pets?

Hahaha, while I do like the Pets expansion, my favourite EP is actually Supernatural. I used to consider late night or island paradise my favourite, but that was before I had installed supernatural. I like the extra life states it added, the alchemy station, and Moonlight Falls as a whole (though the townies definitely need editing). 

6. What parts of yourself as a person in real life do you recognize in your sims (personality, experiences, appearance or whatever) or your story in general? Don't say nothing, I'm convinced there's always a little bit of yourself in your sims! :P

For my current heir's spouse, Krista, the absent-mindedness reminds me a little bit of myself, as well as the social awkwardness (at times). The way Paolo interacts with his sisters, particularly during his childhood, also reminds me of me and my siblings. 

7. What lifespan do you play your RLC on/how many sim days?

I play on a normal life span of 100 days. 

8. Would you play Sims 3 without any CC or mods?

I did for a very long time, but now the answer is no. Without CC I could handle, but vanilla sims 3... oh dear. You can't play more than a few generations in one town before the townies all get replaced by vanillas (or turn into various supernatural states)/deleted by the game and no one ever does anything... no new relationships, kids, career advancement... it's all so very stagnant. 

9. What other games do you play? Do you know Heroes of the Storm (I do not get paid by Blizzard, I'm just curious...)?

I do not know of that game. I normally play pokemon when not playing sims 3, but I used to play a lot of Mass Effect 2 and Zoo Tycoon 2. 

10. What's a hobby of yours other than gaming/writing?


11. Is eleven questions too many?

Hmmm no, it is a bit of a strange number, but do-able. 

Owly's questions: 

1. Who's a historical figure you think is neat? Why? 

Hmm, tough one. I think I'll go with Bismarck; he lead Prussia successfully through war and brought about the unification of Germany. 

2. I've invited myself over for dinner. What are you making for me? 

My cooking skills are limited, so I hope you like omlettes haha. 

3. If you were a sim, which neighborhood would you like to live in? 

Lucky Palms. I love tropical places and the routing-err, travelling- would be less problematic than in, say, Isla Paradiso. 

4. Who is your favorite pre-made sim? Your least favorite? 

Favorite; This is a tough one, but for some reason I really like Argus Brown from Moonlight Falls. But only with his beard. 

Least favorite; Oh jeez, hmm... IMOGEN PELLY. I'll never forget the one time she was mean to Marko! 

5. If you could program a robot to do one task for you so you'd never have to do it again, what would it be? 

To cook for me. 

6. Okay so now irony kicks in: what do you miss out on by programming the robot to do that task? 

Learning how to cook; also since it could presumably only cook what I can cook, my diet would not be terribly varied, and I would be dependent on this robot forever since I'd never improve my cooking skills. 

7. What would you like to improve about your writing, and what do you think you already do well? 

I would like to improve dialogue and characterization. I feel like I make everything too obvious through descriptions and stating what the characters feel and how they think instead of showing it. 

I think, however, that I do silly humor pretty well when writing. 

8. What object from TS3 would you like to have in real life? 

Food replicator, hands down. 

9. What's your vice? You can tell me. I'm cool. 

Probably relaxing. I'm a bit lazy. 

10. Where's your favorite place to be? 

Depends on my mood. If you mean normally and day-to-day, then in my room. However when I want to go out, my favorite place is a big dance floor. Not necessarily in a club, but I love dancing. 

11. Are we--as humans--enacting order in a chaotic universe, or are we enacting chaos in an ordered universe? 

It all depends on perception and definition. To what extent could we say that anything is ordered? What does it mean for something to be "ordered"? If you mean "something with clear cause and effect", then I would say that everything is ordered, because there is a clear cause and effect for nearly everything, we just don't know all of those causes and effects. 

But to more directly answer your question, I believe humanity as a whole tries to enact what it sees as order to a "chaotic" (i.e. something that does not follow certain rules and expectations) environment. 

Efelkay's questions: 

1. I hear most people use mods and CC in their games- which ones do you consider to be the absolute necessities and why? 

Master controller, overwatch, and story progression. Maybe error trap as well. I played vanilla sims 3 for a very long time and every 3-4 generations (or earlier in some cases) the save would suffer some catastrophic glitch that would force me to move my family to a new save. Overwatch and error trap keeps that in check. As for master controller, it makes gameplay (especially for an RLC) much easier (I can check traits, family trees, edit lots, etc. without having to use cheats or switch households). For story progression, I need it so that the town doesn't become stagnant and die/ overrun with supernatural sims. I can play without CC, but not without these mods. 

2. How long have you bee playing the sims for? 

On and off for 5 years. 

3. Out of all of your sims, who do you find to be the hardest to write and why? 

Oof, well, I can write most of my characters with general ease, but interactions between Persis and Marko are always more difficult to write because they're so different but in a stable relationship. If I had to choose one sim though, Persis is actually probably the hardest for me to write because even though I am probably closer to being a "Persis" than a "Marko", I find it difficult to write her without making her sound completely boring and flat. 

4. And who is the easiest? 

At the moment, probably Krista. Her story line and character has come to me pretty easily, evidenced by how quickly I made up a back story for her when she was still a vanilla. 

5. Moving away from the topic of sims temporarily, do you read often? What's your favorite book? 

I used to but not so much anymore. That said, my favorite book of all time is "Story teller" by Jodi Picoult, which is about a holocaust survivor and her story. It's very gripping and she does a great job of presenting the horror of the experience without making it feel sensationalized, out of nowhere, or "cheap" while also presenting the characters as realistic people you can relate to. The progression of events and escalation is very clear and well presented, making you feel the growing unease of the characters as the story line progresses.

My favorite book that I have read recently is "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami. I can't say much about it without spoiling it, but it's a coming of age story about the experiences of a university student (Toru Watanabe) in Japan during the 60s. While I love Murakami's other novels, which are surrealist fiction that border on sci-fi and fantasy at times, "Norwegian Wood" is much more grounded in reality which makes the story very compelling and gripping.

6. What kid of music do you listen to whilst writing for your legacy, if any?

I don't normally listen to music when writing but when I do it's normally just songs that I like (which consists of a lot of pop).

7. On average, how long does it take for you to write an update?

Not including the breaks I take, normally about an hour and a half of writing. Including my resting periods/when I'm busy, it can be anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. So the average is probably a couple of days.

8. Are you a cat person, a dog person, or neither?

Probably more of a dog person, but I like cats too.

9. If you could add one thing to the Sims that isn't already in an expansion, what would it be?

A stable game engine?   An urban town like Bridgeport without the routing problems. I know there probably is CC towns out there like that, but it would be cool if there was an official free one.

10. And if you could remove one thing, what would it be?

The scolding/grounding system from generations. Even with mods in my sims still scold and punish their kids autonomously! Drives me crazy.

11. Why do you think it's eleven questions and not ten?

10 questions is normal, but that's a bit more mysterious...

Actually, if I remember correctly, one of the rules used to be that you had to nominate 11 blogs (I could be wrong and just making this up, if anyone can confirm that would be great) so 11 questions would make sense. If that was never a rule, then I honestly have no idea.

MommyIce's questions: 

1. What would your generational goal/miscellaneous fun roll be if you were a sim? Try to pick your best fit! ;)

Generational goal: Change of Scenery

Miscellaneous fun: It's so YOU!

2. Which is your favorite generation in your RLC?

That I've played thus far, the 2nd one buuuut generation 3 looks promising... ;)

3. Favorite sim to play?

Definitely Tulip. She always did a lot in the house even though in-game she didn't have friends other than her siblings to socialise with.

4. Least favorite sim to play?

Krista. Not because I dislike her, but because the inventing bench at the lower levels of the skill is suuuuper boring, and because she doesn't have the eccentric or handy traits, I have to make her grind for those skill points which means when I have her work, she has to work the entire day to make anything.

5. Worst (or best) RLC roll?

The worst I ever got in my ENTIRE RLC experience was the first RLC I ever did on its first generation...

Single, vocalist, 5 children, 5 star celebrity, half-siblings. And I was dumb enough to try to play this in the vanilla sims 3 in vanilla starlight shores. Blech.

Best roll I ever got in my entire RLC experience;

Couple, freelance scientist, ghost hunter, 2 kids, property mogul, half-siblings. I loved the "mad scientist" vibe I had the whole generation, the heir was one of my favorite sims ever at the time (the heir for the following generation, her first son, was my favorite of all time), and for once the ghost hunter career didn't glitch out on me.

6. Where would you love to go on vacation if money and time weren't an issue?

Japan (during the summer). Not sure which part, but if time didn't matter why not do a grand tour for a few weeks or so?

7. You have 5 minutes to escape your burning house, what is the first thing you decide to grab?

My bag. Most of my important stuff is in there, so it'd be the most logical option. If you mean by reflex, then probably my phone.

8. What are you currently reading right now?

As in books? "Allegiant", the 3rd book of the Divergent series. I read the first two books a few years ago and even though the movie was awful and I heard that the book wasn't great either, I feel like I should at least finish the series.

9. Windows or Mac? Laptop or desktop? PC or console (then which one?)

These are a loooot of questions! Haha but Windows, laptop (specifically for gaming though, desktop), and PC. For the console games that I do like playing, I'd have to choose the Wii.

10. Coffee, tea, or none of the above?


11. What's one thing you want to let your readers know?

Even writing a blog as "casual" as this one has helped me with my writing, so if you're hesitating to make a blog (for sims 3 challenges or otherwise) but you want to, I'd say go ahead and do it. It's good practice, and seeing other people react to what you write is great feedback (and feels nice too!) 

And now for my questions! 

1. What got you into playing Random Legacies/ other sim challenges? 

2. If you could add one extra feature to sims 3 (that would be guaranteed to work the way you want it to), what would you add and why? 

3. What is your LEAST favourite EP? 

4. If you were a sim, what would be your 3 highest-leveled skills? 

5. What is your "nightmare roll" for the RLC? The worst combination of rolls you can imagine, essentially. 

6. What is your favourite "it's so bad, it's good" fictional work? (movie, book, etc.) 

7. What is your favourite sport that you do NOT play at the moment? 

8. Which fictional character do you like that you think you would NOT get along with if they were real? (Can be from something you wrote or from another fictional work)

9. Which animal's existence confuses you the most? (As in, whenever you see it you think, "How is this even a real animal???") 

10. If you had to dye your hair to an unnatural colour (or to a different unnatural colour if it's already such a colour), what would you dye it to and why? 

11.  If you were an adventurer, what atypical (as in, not a dog or a cat) but real animal would you choose as your travelling companion? 

2.9 Hidden in Plain Sight

Shortly after the wedding, it's snowflake day! Marko throws a gift-giving party and invites the usual crowd. 

Persis wonders what's so funny about Tulip's skirt. She thinks her daughter is quite nicely dressed and does not warrant this party guest's ridicule. 

The stereo then proceeds to break down for no reason, pulling Persis out of her thoughts. She scoffs at the sparking appliance; her days as the home repairwoman are long over. Paolo can take care of that. 

The present opening commences. Tulip is placed next to her namesake, Tula. Tula doesn't really care about this hubbub with the colourful boxes. Her toy, Guy, is much more interesting. 

Tulip looks at her niece, surprised by just how much she looks like Paolo. There's no hint of resemblance to Krista, or any of the other Parrotts. Probably a good thing, too. The less she's tied to those guys, the better. 

A disturbing thought occurs to her. They might recruit her when she's older... it would make sense, after all. Aside from Pablo and Krista, the other Parrott children have yet to reproduce. To keep the family business running, the Parrott descendants of Tula's generation would have to be inducted into the criminal scene. And they'll try to make her one of them... 

Tulip looks away guiltily at the thought of her sister-in-law's criminal family. Tula may be apart of the Parrott family by blood... but she's still Tulip's niece. She owes it to Tula to try and stop this madness before it's too late. 

Tulip narrows her eyes at her now brother-in-law lurking in the party. Marko still insists (for some reason) that all family be invited to their get-togethers. He doesn't meet her gaze, but he must know she's there. 

And Paolo, ever so oblivious to the tension, claps happily after opening his present. A chess table! Too bad the house doesn't have space for it. 

Krista makes her displeasure towards her brother's appearance known. 

Pablo doesn't even flinch. She can boo and hiss all she wants, at the end of the day he's still her boss, and she still makes those gadgets and knick-knacks for him

Tulip watches the scene intently. Krista quickly falls back into a more neutral stance and Pablo claps her on the shoulder. 

"Tired of me already, sis?" Pablo says. Krista smiles weakly at him, but doesn't retort. 

The urge to butt in burns within Tulip. She'd love nothing more than to see Pablo behind bars... but she has to wait. Evidence needs to be found. She can't hide her glowering. As soon as she finds anything, Pablo is going down

Her absolute loathing for Pablo distracts her so completely, that she doesn't hear one of the Bedlington sons make a jab about Xara's quick procession of romantic partners after their father. Had she noticed, the rest of the party might not have gone so...smoothly. 

Xara, on the other hand, hears the insult loud and clear. She fights to keep her face expressionless. Bertram Bedlington was such an asshole. The only good thing that came from her fling with him was her son, Gregory. Her only regret about her current situation is that she's going to be tied to Bertram's family forever. 

The gifts are eventually distributed among the guests, and from there the party winds down. All the guests trickle out until the Winterly household is once again solely occupied by its primary inhabitants. 

Well, primary inhabitants +1.