Generation Rolls

Generation 1 

Marko & Persis Winterly


Marital Structure: Mixed Couple (At least 1 child must be adopted)

Number of Children: 3 

Primary Income: Education (Marko) 

Secondary Income: Gardener/Nectar Maker (Persis) 

Generational Goal: Hobby or Obession? (For at least 5 hours a sim week, your sim and spouse, if applicable, must pursue a skill that does not make them money) 

Hobby (Marko): Spray-painting
Hobby (Persis): Fishing

Misc. Fun: Sim for All Seasons (Every season is a big deal for your sim! For each season you must have some kind of decoration distinctly for that season. It doesn't matter if your sim likes to mark winter with butterflies, for example, as long as there is some kind of distinct motif for each season. In addition, every seasonal holiday your sim must either host the corresponding themed party or spend several hours on the festival lot in your town) 

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